What is a FibroScan®?

FibroScan® is an accurate, noninvasive, painless aid for managing patients with liver disease. FibroScan is FDA-approved for clinical management of patients with liver disease and is covered by most insurance carriers.

Why Do I Need a FibroScan®?

A FibroScan® is a noninvasive procedure that provides your physician with a clearer picture of your overall liver health.

What Are The Benefits of a FibroScan®?

  • The procedure provides consistent results.
  • The examined area is 100x the size of a needle biopsy.
  • The procedure is covered by most insurance plans.
  • The procedure is painless and only takes about 10 minutes.

Are There Side Effects and/or Risks to FibroScan®?


What will happen during my FibroScan®?

FibroScan® works by emitting a pulse of energy which you may feel as a slight vibration on your skin. FibroScan® then measures the speed of this energy and immediately provides this information to your physician, who then uses it as part of a broader evaluation of your liver health.

I Have More Questions About FibroScan®.

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