Pre-Certification and Prior Authorizations

If pre-certification or prior authorization is required, please contact the Business Office at 937-320-5050 option 4.

It is your responsibility to know whether or not your insurance plan requires a pre-cert or prior authorization for clinic visits, procedures, and anesthesia. Please contact your Insurance to check your benefits.


If your insurance plan(s) require a referral from your Primary Care Physician or directly from the insurance plan, you are responsible for obtaining this referral prior to your appointment.



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Insurance &
Billing FAQ


Mission Statement for the Business Office

The mission of the Business Office is to provide accurate and timely financial services for every patient. 

This mission is accomplished by providing exceptional customer service to patients regarding their financial needs.  We strive to consider every patients unique circumstances and work within the patient’s budget. Financial needs should not be a deterrent for healthcare. 

To ensure accurate billing, you will be asked to provide current insurance information and photo identification each time you check in at one of our offices.  Failure to present your current insurance card(s) will release Dayton Gastro from any responsibility for incorrect untimely filing of contracted claims. Please let staffs at check in know of any changes in insurance or personal information.  

It is your responsibility to verify your insurance benefits prior to your clinic visit or procedure.  If your insurance plan(s) requires a co-payment for your appointment, the co-payment is due at the time of your appointment.  Dayton Gastroenterology assesses a $20 charge for non-payment of co-pays at time of service.